Delta Pi Delta

Mechanimal — Delta Pi Delta
Release date : Jan. 04, 2016
Label : Inner Ear Records

After two albums exploring the dystopian universe of their city in crisis, the Athenian group Mechanimal delve now into the outskirts of their hometown, away from the sociopolitical fragmentation of the Greek capital, inside a deep and prolonged silence of the mountain forests surrounding Athens. “Delta Pi Delta” started with a new lineup, erasing the events of a rather tense and tough past, focusing on nature as a means of escape from the modern depression of urban life. This time with female vocals, featuring lead singer Eleni Tzavara (formerly of Film and Etten), electric guitars by Tassos Nikogiannis and Kostas Matiatos, and electronic programming by Giannis Papaioannou, Mechanimal started recording the backbone of their new album during the spring of 2015, while final editing and mixing took place during August 2015, in an isolated room by some faraway beach. The result of these new recordings is 8 new songs plus 2 instrumentals which will be included as extra tracks in the digital version of the album. Ten new tunes captivating the mystery that lies beneath a quiet life outside a big city. The group's own hybrid blend of mechanical beats, shoegazing guitar drones and repetitive electronic patterns, shapes now a different perspective that embraces the strangeness and the atmosphere of dreamy landscapes around Athens. The materializing of these silent places into a conceptual sound revealed a new process, which helped the group transform their vision into a tangible medium. The symbolical acronym title "Delta Pi Delta" is referring to the lyric "giving names to stars". As a whole it represents the existential journey of any two-footed animal. In this journey, dreams reveal desires and fears that we're not consciously aware of, but play an important part in consciously or subconsciously helping us become better at dealing with life. "Delta Pi Delta" is dedicated to the loving memory of Greek artist and painter Nicholas Liber (1956 - 2013), a long-term friend of the band. Out on white vinyl LP and digital album via Inner Ear. credits

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Secret Science

Mechanimal — Secret Science
Release date : Oct. 10, 2014
Label : Inner Ear Records

Two years after the release of their promising homonymous debut and a few months after the 7inch-herald "Obscure", Mechanimal are back with their second album, titled "Secret Science". "Secret Science" was recorded in the band’s studio in Athens during the winter and spring of 2014. Written and produced by Giannis Papaioannou, founder of the band, with a long history in the Greek post-punk and electronic scene. As a dynamic ensemble with vocalist Freddie Faulkenberry, Kostas Matiatos on electric guitars and Angelica Vrettou on the visuals, Mechanimal’s “Secret Science" speaks of the need for survival and recounts tales of a restless urban environment. Each track, as a lyric theatrical one-act, opens new avenues to the sonic palette of the band, where narrative aphorisms, analogue synthesizers, underground dub rhythmic passages and angry guitars compose the unique code of their "secret science". Ten drone 'n' roll stories from those you do not hear in the news, but rather discover in the streets of a city that stays awake by the sounds of sirens. "Secret Science" is out on vinyl including bonus cd, cassette digital album from Inner Ear.

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Mechanimal — Freezer
Release date : Jun. 23, 2014
Label : Self Released

"Freezer" is a forerunner of Mechanimal's sophomore album "Secret Science" released in October 2014. This track was recorded in January 2015 as soon as the band had finished recording their second album. Both this track and their second album capture the contemporary Athenian urban landscape. "Freezer" is a digital exclusive available for free download and is not included in "Secret Science".

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Obscure 7″ single

Mechanimal — Obscure
Release date : Jan. 08, 2014
Label : Inner Ear Records

One year after the successful launch of their self-titled debut, Mechanimal return with a 7inch single that prepares the ground for their second album. Both tracks were recorded in the summer of 2013 in the studio of Mechanimal in Kessariani, Athens and express experiences that while personal they reach a large part of people’s everyday life. "Obscure" speaks about all those well-hidden information running through our veins, some of them unconsciously, while "The Last Summer" is a melancholy ballad that describes the end of a false era when one realizes that perhaps we are nothing more than the memory of a wounded machine. The single was mastered by Coti K. The cover artwork comes from visual material of the band’s visual artist, Aggeliki Vrettou. The video for the track "Obscure" was directed by John Karabelas, a member of the creative team Les Yper Yper.

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The Queen Is 25

Mechanimal — I Know It's Over
Release date : Nov. 01, 2011
Label : The Cover Lovers Blogspot

Taken from the compilation "The Queen Is 25: Exclusive Tribute Album" released though The Cover Lovers' blog Mechanimal on this recording were Freddie F. on the microphone and ION on synthesizers and electronics. This version of The Smiths' 'I Know It's Over' was recorded and produced during summer 2011, before Tassos Nikogiannis joined the present scheme of the band and it's more like a visit of memories approach, but still, true to the harmonic spine of the original. Free download even from here:…s-2011.html

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Mechanimal — Mechanimal
Release date : Nov. 19, 2012
Label : Inner Ear Records

The 10 tracks that make up the debut album of Mechanimal are inspired by the urban landscape of modern Athens and the situations affecting it the last few years. From the first low whispering frequencies of “Funny”, to the angry dissected image of “Low Land”, which closes the album, the sound of “Mechanimal” expresses the disintegration of an era as well as a revolutionary effort to reconnect with the fundamentals of music itself. Through theatrical vocals, muffled basslines, monophonic synthesizers, vintage rhythm boxes and derailed guitar distortion, this sound creature named Mechanimal is driven by a spontaneous instinct that manages to harness momentum and strength in a riveting way.

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