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Radio On (Single Version)

Sample track from forthcoming album, featuring the band’s new singer Eleni Tzavara (aka Etten).

Free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud from Tuesday 16/6 onwards.


Arranged & performed by Mechanimal:

Eleni Tzavara: Vocals
Tassos Nikogiannis: Guitars
Kostas Matiatos: Guitars
Giannis Papaioannou: Electronics & beats

Written & produced by Giannis Papaioannou.

Cover photograph by Angelica Vrettou.
Design by Manos Daskalakis.

Recorded at Dreamland Studio, Athens during spring 2015.
Mastering by Christoph Kardek.…

Radio On

With the radio on
I woke up in a black spring
And summer seemed away
From the feast of love
Like a letter found one day
In the first blue moments
Of a twisted play
On a breaking up bed
With the radio on.

I’m walking down the street
This means nothing to me
It could be any street
Dressed with beautuful walls
Dressed with broken words
For people drifting alone
In the city
With the radio on.

We hanged down the stars
Spilled their golden dust
And now we’re drifting alone
With the radio on
With the radio on.

In broken weather
We’re broken toys
Tripping wildly
With a broken radio.

With the radio on
With the radio on.

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